Thesis | Week 11

Posted 12 Apr 2017

Thesis paper, smart home case study documentation.

Weekly Progress

This week I…

  • Restructured my thesis paper
  • Documented my smart home case study
  • Met with my Thesis Advisor
  • Had another “Thesis Hack Day” with my Thesis Accountability Partners
  • Thesis Paper

    Presenting for Mock Defense helped me organize my narrative for my thesis project and informed the way I’ve restructured my paper. I was able to tie together the rapid prototyping from last semester, the limitations with this “bottom up” approach and the need for a “top down” theoretical framework to complement it. I received great feedback from Kate and our guest critic Rowland Hobbes on future iterations of the prototype and considerations for using the Context Map with clients.

    Early prototypes

    Smart Home Case Study

    I created documentation for my smart home case study.

    User scenario.

    Updated Context Map.

    Meeting Notes

    I met with Dana to discuss finding an External Reviewer for my Thesis Defense Panel. She has some leads for someone in industry who can speak to the application of my research and the Context Map to promote human-centered design in MR environments.

    This week’s “Thesis Hack Day” proved to be a productive writing session.