Pearson System of Courses

UX Lead

The Pearson System of Courses is a comprehensive tablet-based tool for K-12 education aligned with Common Core State Standards. My responsibilities as UX Lead included overseeing design implementation for K-1 and 2-12 apps for iOS and Win8, onboarding and managing a team of designers, and integrating agile UX process improvements.

UX Process and Team Managment

The transition from agency to new in-house design team afforded improvements to the product development process. I incorporated ways that UX can get involved early and vet designs with the product team before moving to the build phase.

Within the design team I lead daily standups to track progress for UX and visual design needs across 10 scrum teams. I facilitated team collaboration using kanban boards, storyboarded features to prepare deliverables for sprints, and handled any blockers.

Stakeholder Workshops

We worked closely with pedagogical Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to ensure both the teacher and student experience fit their vision of a digital classroom integrating Math and ELA curriculum, assessment, reporting and classroom management tools. I led whiteboarding sessions with SMEs and rapid prototyping with the design team which allowed us to quickly elicit feedback from stakeholders and product team members and iterate on designs.

In this example, SME input was critical in the development of the Exercises assessments which needed to accommodate various content types and user interactions. This user flow solved for fixed and open response questions as well as student self-reflection for constructed response items.

Back to School Release

Meeting Board of Education and accessibility requirements was paramount to product development. We faced strict deadlines to submit the product for instructional material adoption. Collaboration and clear communication was key with product managers, business analysts, architects and engineers internally as well as with external vendors and off-shore teams.

A key feature for the Back to School release was the assessment reporting system, designed for teachers to monitor student performance over time and by consortia standards. I designed system maps, information architecture, wireframes and user flows for the assessment reporting system.

Product Roadmap

While reviewing upcoming sprint work I identified efficiencies, risks and dependencies and proposed solutions with limited changes to the original designs. For example, updates to the assessment reporting dashboard delivered a more consistent and discoverable experience across platforms while reducing dev team effort by leveraging existing functionality. Standardized performance indicators in both display and naming conventions provided teachers a more intuitive way to navigate through assessment reports.